In the new year, the guys will become increasingly

When speaking with clients Red Bottoms Sneakers, cloud security remains a critical concern and area of focus as we enter 2017. In the new year, the guys will become increasingly sophisticated, and the value of the attacks they are conducting in both monetary and business reputation terms will be larger than ever. The good news is that we seeing more innovation than ever on the part of the guys, as well..

Red Bottoms Sneakers PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) On Monday June 23, the McCracken County Sheriff Detectives began investigating allegations of theft at the IBEW Credit Union located at 4515 Clarks River Road Paducah.Detectives got court orders to review the credit union records.Those document relieved that the thefts had been happening at the credit union. Detectives contacted the NCUA, (National Credit Union Association) who assisted in the ongoing investigation.On June 30 McCracken County Sheriff detectives along with representatives went to the credit union to talk with the manager, Debra Pyfrom. She agreed to talk to detectives about the investigation.Pyfrom confessed to being responsible for stealing thousands of dollars from the IBEW account and explained how she had been taking the money, according to investigators.An audit will show exactly how much cash was stolen.Detectives believe the amount taken exceeds $100,000.A preliminary hearing was held on July 10. Red Bottoms Sneakers

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