DuBose’s family and their attorney

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Celine Replica He was in trouble a lot, but that doesn’t make his life any less relevant or have less value.”I have said a million times: In the country that I love, you don’t get shot in the head for pulling over in a traffic stop and that’s what happened here. It troubles me deeply that happened.”Tensing’s attorney, Stew Mathews, opposes a change of venue, Deters said, an about face from the defense’s original stance.Mathews requested a change of venue, saying Tensing couldn’t get a fair trial in the county Fake Celine Bags, but the judge denied the request once the jury was seated.DuBose’s family and their attorney, civil rights defense lawyer Al Gerhardstein,spoke at Deters’ press conference.They said they supported moving the next trial out of the county, a move Gerhardstein said is rare for a prosecutor to seek.DuBose sister said her family would follow the trial wherever they needed to as they seek justice.”Our lives have been on hold since Sam died,” said Terina Allen.”Hamilton County has already spent more than a half million dollars of tax payer money on this case and to retry it with the exact same charges is wasteful and will likely produce the same results,” wrote union president, Jay McDonald.”It important to note that while the previous jury was advised by experts, had the benefit of good lawyers advising them and all the time it needed to deliberate after the trial and it could not reach a verdict.”Ray Tensing had to make a life or death judgment call in the matter of a split second. As a fellow police officer, I concerned about the dangerous precedent that this case could have on other officers who might hesitate in a moment when decision making is literally life or death.”This is especially meaningful at a time when police are being targeted and assassinated at a shocking rate.”We disappointed that Officer Tensing will be subjected to a second trial, but what most important now is for him to get a fair hearing Celine Replica.