I would go shopping and look at the boy stuff. I would pick up cute outfits with little monsters on the feet but would put them back. When the day finally came we packed up our gender neutral outfit and blanket and headed to the birthing center. Employees and customers hid in bathrooms and in store break rooms. Officers contacted people throughout the mall and escorted them out. People inside were eventually transported by bus to a nearby church where they were reunited with family and friends.

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Christian Louboutin The Salvation Army opened a new thrift store in south Glendale, about two years after closing a Brand Boulevard shop. The new store breathes life into a site abandoned by Smart Final warehouse stores when that chain opened a store on Glenoaks Boulevard. That’s the sentiment the Salvation Army of Glendale is hoping to spread this weekend with the “Love Food Drive.” The nonprofit service provider saw a 20% decline from 2012 to 2013 in food donations, which help feed 700 local residents who include working families in need of meal assistance Christian Louboutin.